Smart solutions for urban and regional mobility in Europe

6. 6. 2019, 10-16
URBIS Fair, Brno Trade Fairs

How to improve the service at P+R? | Are the e-buses the vehicles of the future? | Is it necessary to go for shopping to the city center by car? | Which service can help the small shops in the city center? | What is the vision of the future of the city and regional mobility?

The conference presented new developments in parking technology in the Czech Republic and Rotterdam in the Netherlands, further the results of studies on the use of electric buses in urban transport in Zagreb and Žilina. Representatives of the Italian city of Vicenza and Austrian city of Graz introduced new concepts for freight and passenger transport in cities.

The conference was organized within the framework of the European project SOLEZ, which was attended by foreign participants of this project, representatives of transport organizers from the Czech Republic and local authorities.

On the 5th oh June another conference took place: City Industry Dialogue - conference: The future of public transport not only in cities - modern technologies in public transport.